About Me!

About me? We’ll get to that in a minute, but first…

Are you any one of these?

  • Someone who reads history to understand the present
  • Someone who understands that the annals of history have important lessons for today
  • Someone who looks at history objectively
  • Someone who wants to develop a deeper understanding of the present world
  • Someone who finds the lives and deeds of men and women of history fascinating and inspiring
  • Someone who often quotes the words of historical figures or draws analogies from historical events

Or, simply

  • Someone who loves history, but not overly concerned why
  • Someone who has a history assignment tomorrow
  • Someone who has a history essay to write
  • Someone looking for short answers to some very specific questions on history
  • Someone who loves visiting historical monuments and would love to learn more about the past
  • Someone with time on their hands
  • Someone reading this at 2:00 am, or during office hours
  • Someone wanting to be intellectually well placed in a twitter fight

If your answer was in the affirmative to any one of these questions, well then, this blog is for you.

A little bit about me


Hi! I am Hrishikesh Nambiar.

My day job has nothing to do with history. But I often take out time to either read a book or scour through the internet, sometimes admittedly, during office hours. The subject of these readings is almost always a war, a zealot, a dynasty, a civilization, or an epoch-making event. I also enjoy watching history documentaries and movies based on historical characters or events.

As far as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by History. For me, it’s a life-long commitment. In fact, I did my master’s in history after having been in a job for over seven years. While my friends went for advanced degrees in Business and Finance, I went for History.

A couple of months back, my wife tired of hearing me ramble about history at the slightest of pretexts, gave me the idea to start this blog and share whatever I have learned so far and will learn in the future with the rest of the world (with likeminded folks, that is).

So, here I am!

Photo: That's me in Varanasi/Banaras on a boat on the river Ganges. By the way, like Saddam Hussein before me, I grew that mustache in appreciation of Joseph Stalin. 🙂

A little history never hurt no one

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Looking forward to receiving your support.


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